Choice Legal Service helps thousands of our plan members and their families gain access to the vast amount of valuable free & low cost legal expertise, products and services that are available, which most people need, yet find difficult to obtain due one or more of the following reasons:

  • Cost: They think that they will not be able to afford an attorney.
  • Legal Rights: They do not know their legal rights and how an attorney can help them.
  • Legal System: In many cases they do not understand how the legal system works or the difference an attorney can make.
  • Trust: They may not trust that the legal system or their attorney will be fair with them.
  • Communication: They do not feel comfortable communicating their issue with an attorney.
  • Resources: They do not know of the vast amount of beneficial, free and low cost legal services and resources available to them.

Choice Legal Service strives to be one of the most respected Legal Plans in the United States. We assist our members to access free and low cost legal products, services and information that is available, that may help them to resolve their legal issue at little or no cost.